TGIF Video Friday: The Most Heartwarming Animal Story You'll See

Posted by Eric Sorrentino

Feb 24, 2012 8:52:00 AM

Today's edition of TGIF Video Friday will take a different approach than previous weeks, when animals made their way onto the weekly blog series as a way to welcome the weekend with entertainment and comedy.

This week, we're looking ahead to the weekend with entertainment and watery eyes - in a happy way, so don't worry.

Animal lovers won't want to miss our featured video, which highlights the story of two unlikely best friends - an orangutan and a hound dog.

The two met at a reserve for endangered animals last year in South Carolina. I'll let the video take it from here. Meet Suryia, the orangutan, and Roscoe, the hound dog:

Have you reached for the Kleenex yet? That's one of the most heartwarming, original stories I've heard about in some time.

My favorite part of the video was the persistent hound dog finding his way to the reserve facility gate. The owners politely escorted Roscoe back outside so he could find his pack. He didn't have a pack, though. Roscoe simply wanted to spend time with his new friend, Suryia.

The bond these two animals share is unique. We could all take a page from their outlook on life to gain valuable perspective in times of crisis.

It's nice to have a helping hand as a student completing an online degree program as well.

The journey to obtaining your online degree should not be a lonely one.

helping handDon't forget about your support system. Lean on these people for a helping hand in school, just as Roscoe did with Siryia shortly after they met. The following are helping hands that may alleviate stress and assist you in working toward a degree:

  • Family: Having the support of your family as you complete your degree is one of the key factors in the success of a working adult student.
  • Friends: It can be refreshing and comforting to have friends who share your vision and know what's best for you in your life and in school. These are the friends you want to keep around. They'll be the first ones in line to celebrate your academic achievements.
  • Military Members: Many students in online degree programs also serve in the military. Fellow service members can be involved in your academic journey as study buddies, or simply act as a loyal member of your support team.
  • Admissions Representatives: ARs provide a wide range of assistance with enrolling, transfer credits, course-related questions, benefits, scholarships and more. They are on your side.
  • Student Advisors: SAs assist current online students with enrolling in new classes, career-related questions, course-related questions, benefits, scholarships and more. Lean on these helpful resources when necessary.
  • Professors: Helpful professors are available and accessible via email to their students. Be sure to utilize your professors for assistance in class and for possible networking opportunities.
  • Career Center: Don't forget to check with your online university to see if it has a Career Center. This valuable resource can assist students in writing resumes and cover letters, looking for a job, finding a desired career field and analyzing business and market trends.
Photo credit: stock.xchng

describe the imageAbout the author: Eric Sorrentino joined Grantham University as Social Media Manager in October 2011. Prior to his current position, he blogged about the Big 12 Conference for and was a sports copy editor for the Lawrence Journal-World. Eric received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas.


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