Updates Take Effect to Enhance Grantham.edu Experience

Posted by Eric Sorrentino

Jul 11, 2012 10:38:00 AM

Over the past week, Grantham University's website has undergone some great enhancements to provide visitors with a newer and updated browsing experience. Our hope is that visitors find the redesigned website more efficient and better serving as they navigate to GU's home page from any device at any time.

We invite our GU blog readers and all of our visitors to navigate to Grantham's new home page and take a look around.

Here are some of the upgrades and improvements visitors will find:

  • Cleaner design: Visitors can find necessary information in a quicker and more efficient manner. When you scroll over the site's main categories (Degrees, Tuition, Admissions, Career Services, About Us, Help, Contact Us), they will become highlighted in white. Learn more about one of our specific degree programs by choosing from the menu on the right-hand side. Across the page to the left, try our tuition calculator, which provides estimates of the student financial aid that you may be eligible to receive.
  • Faster load times: Grantham.edu users may notice web pages load with a little more zip to them. Click away!
  • Mobile upgrades: Visitors looking to access Grantham.edu on-the-go will notice a more user-friendly mobile website. From your smart phone, the "Degrees" and "Tuition" categories appear at the top, with the rest of the categories available by clicking the "more" button.
  • Tablet upgrades: Those who regularly access Grantham.edu from their iPad or other tablet will notice the website specifically cater to those devices.
  • GLife access: Access to GLife - the GU student portal to access courses, announcements and student account information - remains simple. From the homepage, scroll to the top-right portion of your screen and click on the GLife logo.
  • GU blog access: If online students can't memorize blog.grantham.edu for access to reading daily posts that assist students on their academic journeys, that's not a problem. An orange GU blog button is located to the left of the GLife button on the home page. One click and you're there. Want to make it even easier to read blog entries? Subscribe via email by navigating to the GU blog homepage and entering your email address on the right side under the section that reads "Subscribe via E-mail."
  • Social media access: Information about all of our social media channels - how to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube - is available on a centralized page (under the Contact Us tab).
  • Easier to navigate: We hope after a few minutes of browsing, visitors find the revamped website more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

If I didn't cover something in the highlights above, please feel free to ask any question in the comments section below. I'll answer it as soon as possible.

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describe the imageAbout the author: Eric Sorrentino joined Grantham University as Social Media Manager in October 2011. Prior to that, he blogged about Big 12 Conference athletics for KUsports.com and was a sports copy editor for the Lawrence Journal-World. Eric received his bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas.

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