The 10 Best States in the U.S. for Creating Jobs in 2012

Posted by Eric Sorrentino

Dec 3, 2012 9:02:00 AM

map of americaThere are a few ways to view the country's average unemployment rate of 8.14% with a month to go in 2012.

The optimist would cite the improvement over the previous three years (8.95% average in 2011; 9.63% in 2010; 9.28% in 2009 ).

Others might say 8.14% is still too high, especially considering the country's national unemployment rate was 5.8% just four years ago in 2008.

Looking for a job is a process that can take a fair amount of time, regardless of location. Many Americans are going back to school to pursue a college degree to put themselves in the best position to secure a job. Competition remains fierce.

After thinking about our country's employment situation, I began to wonder: Which U.S. states are creating the most jobs during this time?

I located a report from that researched this question. Keep in mind, this report simply listed the states that produced the most new jobs in 2012 - not the states with the most populous employment totals.

Here are the top 10 U.S. states that created the most new jobs in 2012, according to the report:

10. Oklahoma

Net job creation: 37,000

CNBC cited Oklahoma having more than 1,300 companies in the oil and natural gas sector.

9. Tennessee

Net job creation: 38,100

Tennessee is the home of major Volkswagen and Nissan plants, in addition to FedEx headquarters and a major distribution center.

8. Virginia

Net job creation: 43,700

Naturally, Virginia benefits from being located close to Washington, DC, our nation's capital. The report cited 1,600 companies listed under the defense category.

7. Washington

Net job creation: 48,400

Heavy hitters Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing led the list of major organizations responsible for the uptick of jobs created in Washington.

6. Michigan

Net job creation: 50,100

Not surprisingly, Ford Motor Company was the primary reason for Michigan appearing in the top six. The report also said Michigan "continued to bleed jobs in construction." Powerful combination.

5. Florida

Net job creation: 50,300

The Sunshine State is home to AutoNation, CSX, Darden Restaurants and Jabil Circuits. Interestingly, CNBC said the state is offering economic incentives to big and small companies looking to add jobs through expansion or new facilities.

4. New Jersey

Net job creation: 50,700

The Garden State is a popular location for Standard & Poor's 500 (stock market index) organizations, such as Automatic Data Processing (ADP), an Information Technology powerhouse.

3. New York

Net job creation: 135,000

CNBC said New York benefited from a boost in service jobs in 2012. Moreover, the report cited a plethora of Information Technology start-ups that have created more jobs as well.

2. California

Net job creation: 211,500

Not incredibly surprising, right? California experienced growth in construction and financial activities jobs in 2012. CNBC cited Palo Alto-based Facebook as going on a hiring binge this past year, which boosted the amount of jobs created as well.

1. Texas

Net job creation: 237,500

The Lone Star State, due to its vast size, is able to house several national headquarters in cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Houston is the leader of creating jobs in Texas and is the home of ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BakerHughes and Schlumberger. Texas also led the country in producing new mining and logging jobs.

Is this list what you expected? Do any of our readers live in any of these 10 states? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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